How to use the search term report in Google Adwords to optimize your search ad campaign

How to use the search term report in Google Adwords to optimize your search ad campaign

One of the most important aspects of search marketing is relevance. Relevance is matching the user’s search intent exactly through your ads. The search term report helps you achieve this and plays a major role in optimizing your adwords search campaign.

What exactly is a search term report?

The search term report shows you the keywords that the user searched before clicking on your ad. Now that you know that whenever a user clicks on your ad it costs you money, you may want to optimize your ad so that your ad doesn’t show on irrelevant keywords.

So, if you know which keywords fired your ad, you know exactly which keywords to keep in your ad group and which ones to remove.

How to optimize your ad through search term report?

Once you have run your search campaign and you have some data to research upon. Follow the following steps:

  1. Select the keywords for which you want to view the search terms. Here, I have checked every keyword since overall clicks are less and I want to research on as much data as I can get.Keywords Selected for Search Term Report
  2. Now click on Search Terms. 
  3.  Given below is the search terms report. Download the report.Download Search Terms Report
  4. Once you open the report, it looks like this.Search Terms Report

How do you optimize using the search terms report?

Here’s a step by step process:

  1. Know the goal of your campaign: The goal of my campaign is to reach users who are searching for digital marketing training in Jabalpur city.
  2. Find the search terms that were not relevant to your goal: I have highlighted such keywords below. Search Terms Report Irrelevant Queries
  3. Add these keywords as negative keywords: The keywords that I have highlighted above should be added as negative keywords. You can add these keywords as negative by simply selecting the keywords and clicking on Add as negative keyword as shown in the image below.add as negative keyword
  4. If there is a keyword that is common in a cluster of unwanted search terms, then you need to add that single keyword as negative and the whole cluster will be blocked. For example, the search terms: digital marketing jobs and online marketing jobs have jobs in common, so you need to put jobs as the negative keyword and both the keywords will automatically be blocked and adwords will stop showing your ads whenever the user’s search matches these keywords.

Bonus Tip: If you find that a particular keyword in your ad group is sending the most amount of unwanted traffic, then it is wise to either remove the keyword completely from your ad group or use broad match modifier [+], phrase or exact match on that keyword so that the user’s  intent can be matched more properly.

Can you find any such keyword in the images given below?

Please do let me know!

Thanks for reading.

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