Google Adwords Tutorial- The Smartest, Simplest and the Shortest Way to Learn Google Adwords

If you think that Google Adwords Tool is difficult to learn, then this blog will surely break this stereotype. Here’s a simple and fun way to learn everything there is to know about Google Adwords. You will be surprised as to how concisely I have developed this guide that teaches you almost everything important there is to learn about running campaigns successfully on Google Adwords.

This guide is a mix of videos, images and text content and I advise you do not skip and read through each section carefully before hopping on to the next. So here it goes.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords helps you run ads on Google and its partner networks. It helps you run ads on Google Search Engine and its partners, mobile apps, websites, videos, etc. The ads can be in the form of image, videos or animations.


Bidding is about buying ad space from Google. That ad space buying could be about buying space on the search engine, buying ad space on YouTube Videos, Websites and Mobile App.

When you want your ads to show on search results, you need to buy keywords relevant to the product/service that you are selling. Google keeps an inventory of keywords that its customers search. Google then sells this inventory to advertisers so that they can use it to sell their products through advertising on Google.

Search Ads
Search Ads Shown On Google

Whereas, when you want to buy ad space on YouTube videos, websites or apps you need to buy ad spaces on these inventories. More popular the inventory, more expensive the ad space, more the bid amount.

How does google charge you when you bid?

Google charges you in two basic ways: it either takes an amount when a user clicks on your ad or it can charge you on the basis of ad impressions. The first one is known as Cost Per Click (CPC) bidding and the second is known as Cost Per Impression (CPI) bidding. CPI is not widely used instead Cost Per Mille (Cost per thousand impressions)(CPM) is used. CPM is the amount Google charges when it shows 1000 impressions of your ad.

If you are running ads in the form of videos and animations then Cost Per View (CPV) bidding is used. CPV is the amount Google charges you when the user views 30 seconds of your video/animated ad.

Significance of Bidding

Bidding is very significant in digital advertising. Since digital advertising is very goal oriented and the advertising engines such as Google Adwords is very intelligent, it becomes important to tell the software what is the goal of your advertising. In general you can have these goals: to get traffic to your website, to get people to see your ad, to get people to engage with your ad.

When you set a bid this is what google understands:

  1. When you set a CPC bid of Rs. 10, Google will never charge you more than Rs. 10 per click on your ad. It will try to get you maximum clicks in this predefined cost. When you use CPC bid, Google understands that your ultimate goal is to get traffic to your website.
  2. When you set a CPM bid of Rs.10, Google will never charge you more than Rs. 10 for 1000 impressions of your ad. When you use CPM bid, Google understands that your ultimate advertising goal is to make your ad reach to maximum amount of people in the predefined cost.
  3. When you set a CPV bid of Rs. 10, Google will not charge you more that Rs. 10 per video view. When you use CPV bid, Google understands that your advertising goal is to get more and more people to watch your video in the predefined cost of Rs. 10. Google charges for a view only when someone watches 30 seconds of your ad, or clicks on your ad or when your complete ad is shown whichever happens earlier.

Search Ads

Search ads were shown above. They show when users search for things on Google. When the user search matches the product/ service that the advertiser is selling, a search ad is shown. In the example given above, the search ad is triggered when the user searches for buy printed T Shirt.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important part of creating search ads. You need to know exactly what the user is searching in order to bid on those keywords.

Follow these 3 steps to perform keyword research:

  1. Use Google Auto-Suggest
  2. Use Third Party Research Tool
  3. Use Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

Let me illustrate this with a simple video.

Create Search Network Ads

Watch this video to create Search Network Ad.

How Google Ranks Search Ads 

There are some ads that appear higher on the search engine and some ads appear lower than the other. Also, there are some ads which gets shown more and more on videos, apps and website. So, how do decide which ad to shown on which position. 

Google checks these three metrics to rank your ad on it: 

  1. Bid: More you bid, more your rank and more your visibility. Google prefers advertisers bidding higher and shows their ads higher and provides better visibility. 
  2. Quality Score: Google wants advertisers to make ads that are highly connected to the advertising message they want to convey. For this it assigns a quality score to each inventory. Higher the quality score, higher the ad rank and higher the visibility.
  3. Format: It is important for advertisers to make their ad in proper format so that the users get value from it. Better the format, better the ad rank.

Follow this link to learn more about ad rank.

Display Ads

When your ads are in the format of images and videos, then you create display ads. Display ads appear in certain spaces in websites, videos and apps. Check out the images below:

Display Ad in Website
Display Ad in Website
Display Ad in YouTube
Display Ad in YouTube
Display ad in mobile app
Display ad in mobile app

Creating Display Ads

Watch this video to create a simple display campaign on Google Adwords.

Video Ads

Video ads run on YouTube and other partner sites. Video ads look like the images given below:

Skippable Instream Ads on YouTube
Skippable Instream Ads on YouTube
In Display Ads
In Display Ads

Types of Video Ads

Video Ad Formats
Video Ad Formats Source: Google Support

Creating Video Ad Campaign on Adwords

Watch this video to easily create video ads:

Shopping Ads

When you have one or more products to sell on Google, then you need to make shopping ads. Shopping ads look like the images shown below:

Shopping Ads
Shopping Ads

To create shopping ads you need to create a merchant centre account.

Creating a Merchant Centre Account

Follow this link if you want to learn to create a Google Merchant Centre Account.

Connecting Google Adwords to Merchant Center

Follow this link if want to connect Adwords and Merchant Center.

Creating and Uploading Product Feed in Google Merchant Centre

Watch the video given below to make a product Feed:

Click here to download a sample feed file.

Creating Shopping Ad Campaign

Watch the video given below to make your first shopping ad:

Mobile App Promotion Ads

Mobile app ads are created to promote installs or engagement with your mobile app that you have created.

Creating Mobile App Promotion Ads

Mobile app ads are as simple as creating search ads. Watch the video to create your first mobile app ad:

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