One of the best techniques you can follow to gain first page visibility on Google

SEO can be tricky sometimes. There is no set formula as to how you can get first-page visibility for a particular keyword. However, I recently tried a technique known as “The Skyscraper Technique” by and found it quite useful. I even taught my students the same technique and I must say that the results are quite impressive.

There are three simple steps to follow:

1.   Find the top ranking content for your target keywords.

2.   Create better content than the top content.

3.   Get relevant high quality backlinks to the content from authority websites.

Let me elaborate this in a little detail:

Step 1: For example, the keyword for which you want to rank is “Top search engine optimization tools”. What you do is that you write this keyword on Google and see the top ranking content.

Step 2: Given the above search results, the top-ranked content is Once you open and analyze this content you should think about how you can create better content than bufferapp.

For example, on further opening the article I realized that I can create better content than this by doing these three simple things:

1.   Since this article contains only free tools, I can put some more paid tools in it and increase the list to 50.

2.   There is a little description about each tool so I can include more detailed descriptions and how to content in my article.

3.   I can group the tools into different categories such as Keyword Tools, Webmaster tools, Link Building Tools, etc. to make it more readable. I can make a beautiful infographic too because infographics get linked to excessively rather plain content.

Step 3: You need to find websites who would be happy to link to your content. For this you can follow any of the techniques given below:

1.   Find out which websites are linking to your competitor and try and get similar links.

2.   Find out top content or round up pages who would like to link to your content and notify their authors via email.

3.   Find out resource pages with broken links and try to replace them with yours.

This technique has helped me a lot when trying to gain backlinks and top rankings on Google for my clients. I will explain link building in more detail in my future articles so stay tuned.

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