Why the Indian Youth is getting obsessed over learning digital marketing?

In the world of skills there is seldom a skill that can be so easily learned such as digital marketing. There are few skills that require just 6 months of training that can help you make a sure shot career. I think that getting a certificate in digital marketing is even better than getting a degree as a degree has failed to provide employment opportunities to its pupils in India.

With the internet came many successful careers and large online enterprises such as: Alibaba, Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. There also came many internet preneurs who were earning by Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, YouTubeing, etc. These internet preneurs were the ones who gave a new meaning to the term passive income. They were the ones who broke the boundaries and showed the path to earning a living from the Internet. One of the famous names is Patt Flynn from Smartpassiveincome.com. Patt Flynn after losing his job in the recession started working on his blog and taught the world how to make a full time earning opportunity out of it.

The technology that these internet preneurs are working on is an inseparable part of digital marketing. Digital marketing can help you get awesome job opportunities in any part of the world and it can also help you do freelance projects or generate a passive income from the internet. By learning digital marketing you can become head of digital marketing in some corporate or political party or open your own business on the internet or work and earn on your free time as a freelancer.

The best part about digital marketing is that it is very easy to learn. The concepts are well defined and the stream consists of many sub parts namely:

1.      Search Engine Marketing which includes search engine optimization

2.      Social Media Marketing

3.      Email Marketing

4.      Web Analytics

5.      Affiliate Marketing

6.      Blogging

You can become a master in any of the streams and start your career in digital marketing. The Indian youth is going mad about learning digital marketing because it gives an answer to their career and money problems and this trend will be continued in years to come.

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