Stop Advertising If You are Not Getting Results

Stop Advertising

I have taken the following excerpts from my upcoming book: 30 Lessons Learnt in 10 Years of My Digital Marketing Career. The book will be out soon so stay tuned.

So here we go!

You invest hours in creating your advertising campaigns, researching your audience, testing creatives, writing copy and designing.

Now what happens when those ads don’t work? You tweak the advertising engine: change the audience, change the colors of your creative, change the copy a little, switch from male to female audience but you still aren’t getting any results.

There are no set parameters as to when you are sure that your ad campaign has failed.

For example, while doing Facebook advertising you came up with this killer offer that you were sure will entice your audience, but when tested on the first 10000 people, your ad failed to deliver results. The best thing that you can do to save your money is stop that campaign and come up with another ad or offer immediately to save costs.

I have spent thousands on ads that failed to give promising results because I was too reluctant to let go.

My best advice to you is that you keep different ads ready and test each ad for results. The one that gives the best results should be allowed to run and rest should be stopped to save marketing costs.

Keep a threshold in mind but don’t let the threshold be too high so as to save costs. I have the 10000 people reach threshold. If I see that my campaign has reached 10000 people and not delivering results, then it is highly unlikely that it will give results for the next 10000 people who will see my ad. In such cases I change the campaign/ ad creative so that costs can be saved and results can be delivered.

Have you ever had the same experience?

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