Learning Digital Marketing Can Change Your Life

Digital Marketing Change

I have taught more than 500 students in these five years that I have been teaching digital marketing. When I look back to these years, I am only amazed by the way learning digital marketing has changed the lives of students.

The problem with the current education system is the large skill gap that the student’s face after completing college, hence the number of employed students are very less even after completing graduation. Most of them dragged to unemployment and many have to take up extra classes for skill development so that they are skilled enough to be employed by companies.

Most of the graduation programs consume about 3-4 years of a student’s life and in the end, they are not even able to give the students decent job opportunities, whereas a digital marketing training can take a maximum of 6 months and the average salary of freshers is about 25000 in this stream. The best part is that the job is almost guaranteed because the number of skilled professionals in the stream is scarce. This is no joke, not even fresher engineers these days are getting paid in this bracket. Also, I have seen a minimum 100-200% salary growth in case the digital marketing professional switches to a different company. This is highly uncommon as the average salary growth rate in any stream in India is about 7-10%.

The best part about learning digital marketing is the freedom of taking projects worldwide. Once you get enough knowledge in one stream you can choose to freelance as a career option and earn from anywhere and work from anywhere.

There are numerous ways in which digital marketing can help you find gainful employment and help you eradicate unemployment.

I hope that through this blog I am able to educate thousands of students to take up one of the most successful career options i.e. digital marketing as their preferred career choice.

Have you been touched by the power of digital marketing? Comment below and do let me know.

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