How to rank well on Google without increasing bids: 5 Tips to gain a better ad rank on Google

One question that the whole Adwords advertising community is struggling with is: how they can rank well on the search engine without jeopardizing profitability.

So here are 5 simple tips that you can use to rank well on a search engine:

1.   Make sure that the keyword that you bid on matches the headline of your ad. If possible make sure that the URL and the header of the landing page contains the keyword. This will help you immensely gain relevance and improve your quality score and inevitably improve ad rank.

2.   Improve the load time of your landing page. One of the best sites that I recommend when optimizing speed is use GTmetrix. It will show you step by step as to exactly what needs to be optimized in your landing page so that speed can be improved.  Improving load time helps improve the landing page experience and helps improve the quality score.

3.   Always make sure that you make at least 5 compelling variations of your ad. This will help Adwords choose the best amongst them. This will improve your CTR and hence the quality score of your ad.

4.   Use match types to match your exact audience. Keyword match types help you zero in on your target search audience that may become your customers. Since match types take you closer to the customer they help in increasing CTR and hence the quality and hence the rank.

5.   Always, always and always use extensions. Make sure that whenever you make an Adwords campaign you make extensions along with it. Extensions help you improve the format metric and hence gain ranking on the search engine.

It is very important to go by the fundamentals here. Ad rank comprises of bid, quality score, and format; and the quality score comprises of relevance, expected click-through rate and landing page quality. Anything you do that improves these metrics will help you gain ad rank.

The thing to understand here is that no matter how much you are willing to bid, without ad quality the whole ad campaign is a futile exercise because Google will never show an ad to its customers that is not relevant to their search.

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