How to approach search engine optimization?

A simple approach to finding the primary keyword to SEO your website

Search engine optimization is considered one of the most competitive and difficult aspects of digital marketing. If you own a digital agency or have an internet startup you know how difficult it is to find good SEO specialists. But if one takes the proper approach, SEO is not that hard.

SEO starts with the right keyword that will give visibility to your website on the search engines. If you have found that right keyword, half of your SEO journey is complete. Now what is the right keyword?

When searching for the right keyword keep in mind the following points:

1.      The keyword should exactly define your product or your business.

2.      There should be some search volume for that particular keyword on the search engines.

3.      The competition for the keyword should be low.

4.      If you have found that keyword then name it the primary keyword of your website.

So just 4 simple steps that’s it! It’s not that hard or is it?

Let me help you with an example. Suppose you want to sell shirts and you want people to come into your website to buy shirts. A simple search on the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool shows the results below:

Now since the average monthly searches for the keyword shirt is the highest above, you should not go blindly targeting this keyword on every page of your website. Since the competition for the keyword is high it is highly likely that you will have a pretty hard time optimizing your website for this particular keyword. Now the key here is to search for the keyword that is less competitive and has particularly high average monthly searches.

Let me elaborate a little more and show you some more data. Further sorting the table in terms of increasing order of competition, let’s see if the table given below can help us find the perfect keyword that you can use to optimize your website.

Looking at the data above, it would be a good idea to target “Shirt Shop” as your primary keyword since the competition is less and the average monthly searches figure is also OK.

Now you would say,” Why would I optimize my website for a keyword that can give me just 1300 visitors per month or less?” With SEO there is no running and gunning for the high search volume and high competition keyword. The key is to start small and capture a little amount of traffic. Once you have done that, it’s time to move to other set of keywords.

In summary, start with a low competition keyword that defines your business exactly and make it your primary keyword and start SEO from there. This should give you a fairly good lead while trying to optimize your website for the search engines.

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